All Terrain Skiing Vol. 2
All Terrain Skiing Vol. 2

All Terrain Skiing Vol. 2

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The foundation of All – Terrain Skiing is built on three concepts:

  1. The Four Golden Rules of Change – Skiers need to adapt to change in 
  • Terrain
  • Speed
  • Conditions
  • Situations
  1. The five All – Terrain Elements 
  • Balance
  • Upper Body
  • Power
  • Fluidity
  • Agility 
  1. Practice right on the slopes with 38 Drills and Skills featured on the App to make your learning experience easier.

Egan has been a leader in ski technique, camps, and clinics since 1991. He is known for focusing on the mental side of the sport and is sought after speaker, journalist, and host for groups around the world.  His company runs camps and clinics around the globe. He is sponsored by Leki, Big Sky, Elan and Alp & Meters.

Dan Egan’s All – Terrain Skiing is a integrated learning program for the beginning, intermediate and advanced skier.   The 38 Drills and Skills teach the body mechanics which enhance balance as well as upper body positioning and create a powerful fluid and agile stance for skiing the entire mountain from groomed snow to powder. Accompanied by a free App users of this system have multiple resources for progressing their skiing level and ability. 

Anticipated date of publication Aug 1, 2022