All Terrain Skiing

All Terrain Skiing

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Body Mechanics and Balance from Powder to Ice

Dan Egan’s first book “All Terrain Skiing” 36 drills and skills for learning the secrets of all terrain skiing. (World Leisure Cooperation 1996) was innovative and impactful in the world of ski technique. The weatherproof “Chairlift” flash cards images and supporting text predated today’s “Apps” and allowed skiers to have quick easy access to the drills and skills outlined in the book. This multi-media package included a video that illustrated and explained the drills and skills in the book.

All Terrain Skiing is presented in four sections, fluidity, agility, balance and power. Each section is connected to the Four Golden Rules of Change, conditions, situations, speed and terrain where our mistakes are magnified and corrected via dynamic of motion.

This groundbreaking multimedia learning package and approach has been duplicated and used with in the ski industry professionals and beyond for two decades.

Egan’s approach to skiing has shaped 10’s of thousands of skiers over 30 years with his camps, tips and articles. His approach to non-judgment and freeing one’s self from their critical mind allows individuals to discover peak performance and self-discovery on snow while skiing.

The insight the package provides into skiing plus Egan’s background and how he developed his philosophy and world class ski camps and clinics all start with the foundation revealed in “All Terrain Skiing”. It’s a must have for any skier looking to explore more of the mountain and their skiing abilities.